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Super Cigarette 

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Imagine being able to smoke on the train, in the office, in a restaurant, or even on a plane! With the Super Cigarette you can smoke anywhere. You will still be smoking like you do normally, and you will still be getting a nicotine fix, however you wont be breathing in cancer causing carcinogens, and other poisons.

The Super Cigarette is an amazing high tech product developed to provide smokers with a clean alternative to smoking or as a device to help you quit. It contains, no carbon monoxide, no cancer-causing chemicals, and no tar.

Whats the difference between the Super Cigarette and other E-cigarettes?
The Super Cigarette, is using only the latest technology, and is far superior to the older style e-cigerettes, both in performance, weight, price and size. The paitented vaporizer system of this efficency is only available in Super Cigarettes, resulting in a better burn, and longer battery life.

Why would I want an Electronic Cigarette?
It feels like a cigarette, looks like a cigarette, it even emits vapor, which looks like real smoke. In many ways, it is an actual smoking experience. It has all the pleasure of the cigarette, but without all the problems.

Q: How do the ingredients compare to traditional cigarettes?
A: The number of ingredients in Super Cigarettes and theoutcome of those ingredients when used are vastly different and infinitely safer than those found in traditional cigarettes. It contains only water, propylene glycol, nicotine, a scent that emulates a tobacco flavor and a m embrane to suspend the ingredients. None of these ingredients are considered cancer-causing agents. The Food and Drug Administration deems propylene glycol safe. Nicotine itself is not believed to have toxicological effects, offers some therapeutic uses and can be found in pepper, tomato, eggplant and potato. Cigarettes and cigars, meanwhile, commonly contain tobacco, hundreds of additives, nicotine, glue and paper, which when ignited, according to the Centers for Disease Control, harm nearly every organ of the body, and cause cancer, and cardiovascular and respiratory disease.

Q: How long does a cartridge last?
A: Each cartrage is equivalent to a packet of cigarettes. You can buy new cartages from us priced from $2 each.

Q: How do I quit smoking?
A: To quit the tobacco and nicotine smoking, the Electronic Cigarette can be used with the four basic tastes such as the high, medium, low and zero nicotine thickness cartridges to meet the requirements of different smokers. The following four steps procedure is designed specially for smokers who is willing to quit reduce their nicotine reduction unconsciously by decreasing the inhaled nicotine volume:

Step 1:
Starting with high nicotine density cartridge (18mg/pc) following normal smoking habit.

Step 2:
Then switch to medium nicotine density cartridge (14mg) following normal smoking habit.

Step 3:
Then alternate between the low nicotine density cartridge (11mg) and the non-nicotine thickness cartridge.

Step 4:
Finally, quit smoking by using the non-nicotine cartridge, you will quit the nicotine reduction unconsciously and completely.

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