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Shipping Policy

Terms of Delivery

Upon successful completion of the order starts the delivery process. Filling out the order form in complete accuracy is highly essential get delivery of the ordered product without any delay.

We process the shipment only under following conditions

  1. Upon completion of the order, representatives of contacts the customer to verify the order confirmation, the total amount, delivery details and delivery fees.

  2. The ordered herbal product will be delivered in the original package as was handed over to us by the manufacturer.

  3. At circumstances, when the ordered product is not available, will inform customers about the existing situation and seeks confirmation with regards to cancellation of the order or to ship an alternative herbal product.

  4. The shipment will be accompanied by the original invoice and the product leaflet.

  5. At instance, when the customer is not available in the address at the specified time, the next attempt for delivery will be made only after the customer establishes contact with the courier representative.

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